Smart Project OÜ was founded in 2010. It started from a cooperation with an international ERP software developer, that needed additional resources and help on major implementation project, in Philippines. Smart Project contributed by training project managers and consultants of local distributor. 

Our company`s know-how is based on its partners 20-years of experience in the field of business software, including customer support, consulting, training, project management and pre-analysis. In addition to projects in Estonia we have gained experience from projects in Finland, the UK, Cyprus, Denmark and the Republic of South-Africa.
 Today, Smart Project is mainly focused on training and consulting business software developers, helping them create the best solutions for end-users.

Some examples of cooperation and integrated solutions:

Through meetings, trainings, personal consulting, helpdesk support and other channels we have gained a great deal of experience and feedback on customers expectations and needs. For every company, that wants to invest in good customer relationships, it is vital to choose proper and suitable customer support channels, which meet the needs and expectations of their customers. CRM and other tools should be used wisely.

Many sales people complain that direct sales and cold-calling is uncomfortable and stressful. At the same time, many admit feeling good after having successfully helped someone. This feeling does not lie - good customer service is more effective of a sales tool than sales calls. Happy customer shares positive experience and will recommend your products or services to his/her friends, relatives, business partners.

We share our knowledge and give advice on what to pay attention to in order to raise the level of customer satisfaction and make communication more effective between your company and customers.